Brian Rose:
London Real Party

A New Force In Politics

The London Real Party is a new force in politics. We believe in protecting our freedoms, protecting our citizens, promoting our economy and ensuring access to world class education and healthcare for all.

A Party For London

The London Real Party aims to create a mass scale transformation in humanity into a fully empowered, conscious and cooperative species by providing a new voice in politics, and one which focuses on great ideas, strong policies and long term outcomes.

Our Policies

Discover more about our innovative key policies ideas and initiatives to address the biggest issues we face.

Other areas of London Real Party’s policy focus include:

A Vision For The Future

We believe that the current two party system only presents the illusion of choice, with many voters dissatisfied with the way their politicians are clearly disconnected from the communities they serve. We plan to change this.

With a raft of innovative policy areas, a commitment to continue to our community outreach work and a won’t stop attitude, we believe that the London Real Party offers a credible alternative to the failed politics of the mainstream parties.

We want to ensure that we act as an effective check & balance against the draconian measures being imposed by government and opposition alike, and also ensure that our fundamental human rights are protected in London, in Britain and globally.

We aim to engage new audiences in politics and believe that participation in the democratic process is an essential part of a well-functioning society… and we aim to be a positive influence on voting behaviour now and in the future.

We think that our city and our country deserve better leadership, and we are excited to be able to provide a new direction.

We are the most incredible country in the world, and the London Real Party promises to work tirelessly to make Britain a world-class city once again.

We are confident that together, we will accomplish our mission.

What we plan to do next
Over the next three years, we will:

  • Field candidates across all London elections, including councils, borough mayors and any MP by-elections which occur during that period
  • Actively campaign for violent crime reduction strategies including our Corporates for Communities program,
    freedom of speech protection, new affordable family homes and a transport system that is fit for purpose
  • Work with stakeholders and communities to listen to the challenges and continue to develop new, innovative solutions
  • Promote the London Real Party as an effective alternative to the narrow world view of the main
    political parties

I look forward to being of service.


Brian Rose, founder of the London Real Party

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