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Hi I’m Brian Rose, and I plan to become your next Mayor of London.

I want to lead this incredible city in a new direction that promises to Get London Back to Work, put our Health First, Science First, Education First, and much, much more.

Unfortunately, our elected officials have failed us.

Our city’s finances are in shambles, our small businesses are not being supported, our culture is being destroyed, our transportation policies are ineffective, our education system is being compromised, and our health & wellbeing has been completely ignored.

Which is why I have created my Transform London 2021 plan of attack, with detailed policies and an innovative blueprint for success which I believe will revolutionise our city.

However I can’t do it alone. I will need each and every one of you working together towards our common goal.

Will you help us?

I strongly believe that the actions we take together in the following months could pave the way for a new direction in London and in cities around the world.

So Let’s Start Today & Win This Race Together!


Volunteer registration

Please register to volunteer today by signing up to our private London Real Party Volunteers Facebook Group.

As I mentioned we are fighting an uphill battle against big tech and the powerful forces of a two-party political system. Only with you by our side fighting on the front lines do we stand a chance. So please fill out the form below and join us for this incredible victory as Your Next Mayor of London.

We face a pivotal time in our history and one we will look back upon long into the future.

This is the time to stand up and fight for what we all truly believe in.

I need your help.

You are the one that ultimately can help us affect change in London and in every city around the world.

I am excited to embark on this new mission I promise to work tirelessly to make London a world-class city once again

I am confident that together, we will accomplish our mission.

Apply to join our volunteer group


Download, print and share

Please SHARE our message far and wide and as often as possible. It is only through your support that we face a chance against the censorship and shadow-bans we experience from the big tech social media platforms and their agenda.

You can download a variety of imagery, videos, and print assets here to share with your friends right now.

Always make sure you use the hashtag #BrianForMayor so I can see you and share your efforts on our social platforms.

• Grass roots support is the reason we’ve already enjoyed so much cut through support since announcing our campaign
• You can now use our assets to show your support for the London Real Party campaign
• Get the word out today… we have a new choice in our city for political leadership
• Share our campaign imagery and videos on your favourite social media platforms
• Use our assets on your blogs and other website platforms
• Print our campaign posters and stick in your window; show your support now!






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