Science First

Science First

The role of science in policy making has never been more important than it is today.

Unfortunately our current politicians often choose the science that supports their politics rather than basing their policies on the science.

As your next Mayor, I will put Science First by implementing rigorous, peer reviewed science-based decisions when determining policies for education, work, travel, and social interactions.

Many experts suggest there has been a disproportionate response to Coronavirus that has caused the loss of countless lives and ruined people’s livelihoods. I believe this can be remedied by implementing intelligent, fact-based policies moving forward.

My initiative to put science-based decision making at the heart of political solutions includes the following priorities:

  • Ensuring that data used to determine public health policy is robust, peer reviewed and representative of a best practice-led approach
  • Delivering policies that take into account health and economic data points in order to have a well rounded picture of the situation
  • Considering alternative viewpoints and the scientific efficacy of lockdown policies, arbitrary curfew decisions and mandatory masks
  • Developing sustainable approaches to public health that can be understood and embraced by the citizens of London based on clear, empirical evidence
  • Having clear, scientifically underpinned objectives for each intervention including exit strategies

It is only by adopting science-led approaches that can we determine better informed policy decisions to move our city forward in a new direction.

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