Health First

Health First

The most important asset of any city is its citizens.

Investment in the health and wellbeing of London’s citizens determines our future success.

Which is why as your next Mayor, I promise to take a proactive approach to the physical and mental health of all Londoners, with education and preventative strategies at the core of my vision.

This topic is close to my heart, having spent the past nine years broadcasting interviews with some of the most prominent health & wellbeing specialists from across the world.

I have also personally shared my own struggles and successes with diet, fitness, mental health and addiction in our documentary films and academy courses.

My plans to make Londoners healthier includes the following key initiatives:

  • Launching Exercise on Prescription schemes across the capital to combat obesity and anxiety with preventative strategies
  • Providing world class health education on diet, exercise and the dangers of sugar consumption
  • Offering community based sport & exercise programmes
  • Delivering best practice-based smoking cessation, alcohol harm reduction and drug education initiatives
  • Keeping our community healthy and strong in order to prevent the effects of Covid-19 and other diseases
  • Proactively promote mental health by implementing preventative measures including physical activity, meditation, gratitude, community service, and counseling
  • Placing emphasis and importance around mental health & wellbeing through the provision of dedicated services to support people, something that I know has been dramatically impacted by the current crisis

Our human capital is London’s greatest asset, and only by taking an holistic approach to health and wellbeing can we assure a safe and prosperous future.

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