Community First

Community First

The human experience is a community experience.

Everything important we have ever learned or experienced came from the people around us.

Which is why investing in our communities is an investment in London’s future.

Unfortunately, many individuals and families are left to fend for themselves without any support from their neighbours or communities.

As your next Mayor of London I promise to put Community First, and build hubs inside each local community that promote learning, culture, the arts, job training, physical activity, technology, housing support, childcare, youth activities, cooking and nutrition, healthcare, and mental wellbeing by:

  • Reinvigorating the concept of the Community Centre as a high-traffic hub of daily communal activity for all local residents
  • Providing job training and placement services for teenagers, adults and the elderly to retrain workers in a constantly evolving economy
  • Offering childcare and youth activities for all age ranges that engage the creativity, curiosity and passion of our younger generation
  • Promoting arts and culture with regular performances and the showcasing of local talent
  • Educating everyone on the latest technology from hardware, to coding, to web design, to digital services
  • Providing housing support for all local residents
  • Actively encouraging daily movement for community members of all ages by offering a range of options including yoga, walking, running, dancing, martial arts, plyometrics, and more
  • Showing the practical benefits of cooking and proper nutrition
  • Encouraging better health practices and mental wellbeing

Investing in our communities is the fastest and most cost efficient way to improve our quality of life and the quality of our city. Only by making these extensive and proactive changes now, can we ensure a strong future for London.

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